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 Heartland Bison's South Gate herd is put together with some excellent stock originating from Sheyenne River Bison Ranch. Having a strong female base is important and we continue to work to improve the female stock on this herd from a closed herd process. When it comes to bulls, we have put together a bull battery that we feel compliments this herd well. These guys are all either directly from, sired by, or a sire of bulls of the DTBA Young Guns competition. The lead bull is Heartbreaker but we think there are some up and comers that are really special. The proof of this performance tested bull battery is plain to see in how our offspring wean off the herd and perform. Check out a few of the featured bulls below.


The "SouthGate" Herd



Heartbreaker has been a foundational bull at the ranch for 10 years. He originated from Silver Creek Bison Ranch and was sired by the famous "Crusher". Heartbreaker has proven to be a bull that can throw both heifers and bulls that have improved our overall ranch stock. He continues to be the top bull at our Southgate Ranch and his calves wean off heavy with a lot of frame. 



We started calling this guy Heartbreaker 2.0 because he looks a lot like his sire Heartbreaker. Eventually 2.0 stuck and thats how he got his name. This 5yr old bull carries a lot of the same traits as his father and his calves look outstanding. 


Blue 98



2020 seemed to be a fitting name for this big guy. At 3 years old, we think this bull has the potential to  become the top sire in our Southgate herd. 2020 is the GTSS Grand Champion Male and winner of the 2yr old breeding bull class in Denver. We have big plans for this bull so keep an eye on him as he develops.

SouthGate Cow Herd

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