HeartBreaker came to Heartland Bison Ranch from Silver Creek Bison Ranch in Manitoba as a 3 year old. He is a son of Crusher who has sired numerous Gold Trophy Show and Sale winners for Nolan Miller and his family. Heartbreaker's 1/2 brother was actually the GTSS Grand Champion in 2010 (came out of the same calf crop). To say he is one of our best bulls is an understatement. His calves consistently wean heavy and his length really shows in his offspring.

Update: Heartbreaker's calves were weaned in January of 2017 and his offspring are impressive. Heifer calves averaged 483lbs and his bull calves average 495lbs.


The cow side of Heartbreaker's herd comes from a diverse background of ranches and bloodlines. You will find cows that come from ranches and bloodlines such as Slim Buttes, Jumpoff, Heartland Bison, Cold Creek, Sheyenne River, Custer, M-line, and Cornhusker. Every year we look to upgrade females into this herd to get the best genetic pairings we can with Heartbreaker. 










Heartbreaker's Herd

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