With 22 years in the bison industry, Heartland Bison Ranch continues to strive to bring the highest quality bison to the people who purchase from us. Whether it is a prime slaughter animal or an exceptional breeding animal, we strive to give the best. With a lot of time, effort and planning, we have designed our breeding bull program with the rancher's needs driving our decisions.


With an influence of genetics from some of the top ranches in the United States and Canada, we continue to strive to produce bulls in our program that are balanced and efficient. We are strong believers in keeping the natural traits of bison alive and well but also understand the importance of having the numbers to give ranchers an informed decision making process in their purchase for both grass fed and grain fed operations. Buying a herd bull is an important opportunity that can pay long term dividends to a rancher's operation and that is what we continue to come back to in selecting the bulls for our program.

We competed in the DTBA Young Guns performance tested bull class in 2016/2017. Out of 63 bulls, 22 tested out as the top end of the class and went to auction in Rapid City. We were excited to see 4 of our bulls make the sale. We are extremely proud of the program we are running here at Heartland Bison Ranch and we look forward to improving with the years to come!


Our Model:

We put our bulls through a 3 step process to weed out and select the best breeding bull prospects that our ranch has to offer. These 3 steps are balanced with each other to make sure we can collect the best data possible to determine our best all around bulls to sell. Northern North Dakota has a very trying climate with lows reaching -50degrees F in January and February and highs reaching the upper 90s in July and August and these bulls have to perform through it to be a contender.The bulls that make the cut have to meet  our requirements for weaning weight, grass gain ability, feed gain ability, overall body confirmation, positive semen test and overall efficiency. These bulls will improve your herd and the proof is in their data sheets.


Bull Offering:

Our 2017-18 bull offering is SOLD OUT. We would like to thank all the ranches that purchased bulls from us this season. We will once again have a great set of breeding bulls in 2018 so contact us early if you are interested. We will also be entering a handful of our bulls into the DTBA Young Guns Competition for 2018-19 and are excited to compete against some of the top ranches in the United States again!

The Heartland Breeding Bull Program



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