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Every year Heartland Bison Ranch brings in the herd for the annual ranch roundup. During this event, our animals are worked and data is collected to help determine whether each animal is worth "breeding" or "eating". We strive to be 100% honest and fair in our dealings and believe each sale either continues an old friendship or creates a new one. If you are in the neighborhood, come on over and check out the herds to see our quality animals for yourself. 



* This page is updated in the fall every year to showcase the offerings Heartland Bison Ranch has. Click on the video to get a live look at the animals. Data for these animals is also available for weaning weights and bloodlines. 


* If you are looking to purchase a breeding bull, go to the Heartland Breeding Bulls page to get all the info on the bulls.


* If you are looking for breeding quality females to start or expand you herd, check out the Heartland Foundation Females page to see what we have to offer.

The Sale Barn

Check back this fall for a full list of the animals we will have to offer.
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