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Heartland Foundational Females

After 21 years in the bison industry, we have learned a thing or two about the importance of building a strong foundation for your herd with quality female bison. When you look at the longevity of bison females, the return on investment can be a substantial one when you start with good quality bison females. We like to think about how the females we choose to run on our operation will impact our herd for the next 12 to 18 years or possibly longer.


Here at our ranch, we run our breeding females in a natural herd setting so they have minimal stress and ample opportunity to grow into strong, durable and eye catching heifers. Whether we are marketing heifer calves, yearlings or bred 2 year olds, these heifers aren't going to be in a dry lot or at feed bunks. If out at pasture is where these heifers will live out their days performing as mature cows, then that's the way we intend to raise them to achieve that goal. Keeping the strong desirable traits of bison alive and well is a driving force behind what we do.

We were thrilled to win the Gold Trophy for the Pen of 5 Ranch Ready Yearling Heifers at the 2020 Gold Trophy Show and Sale in Denver Co. We are proud of the females we continue to raise on our ranch and confident they will go to work for your operation.

 Female Offering

Our 2020/21 Heifers are out on grass enjoying the North Dakota summer. Check back for more information on what we will have available starting in the fall.
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