Heartland Bison's South Gate herd is put together with some excellent stock originating from Sheyenne River Bison Ranch. Having a strong female base is important and we continue to work to improve the female stock on this herd from a closed herd process. When it comes to bulls, we have put together a bull battery that we feel compliments this herd well. These guys are all either directly from, sired by, or a sire of bulls of the DTBA Young Guns competition. The proof of this performance tested bull battery is plain to see in how our offspring wean off the herd and perform. 



The "SouthGate" Herd


HeartAttack is a bull that we purchased from the award winning Sheyenne River Bison Ranch. He is a 9 year old that carries exceptional traits that make him an excellent bull. His picture cannot do him justice and we refer to him as "The Tank" because he is so solidly built. HeartAttack is a heavily muscled bull with great length and a perfect example of strong male bison charateristics. He currently resides at our SouthGate location where he is the dominant bull in a group of 5 that breed our large herd. HeartAttack is also a sire of a select number of bulls that have made the cut for the DTBA Young Guns Bull Challenge while with Sheyenne River Bison.


WildHeart has a pretty special story to share. Originally out of Sheyenne River Bison, WildHeart was a bull entered into 2012-13 DTBA Young Guns Bull Challenge. Coming into the final round of the competition, he was considered to be one of the top bull prospects, but he injured his front shoulder in the chute and was pulled from the group. He was brought home to Sheyenne River and eventually made his way to Heartland Bison Ranch. At 6 years old he is completely healthy and is exceptionally tall and long. We think he has a lot of potential to grow into a solid herd bull for years to come.


HeartRocker was purchased at the DTBA Show and Sale in 2013. He was the bronze trophy winner in the open yearling bull class. We were as pleased as could be because he was our top pick of the bunch. He originates from Jumpoff Buffalo Ranch and we were told that he is sired by a bull that is a son of Cold Creek's famous bull Ed which was purchased at the DTBA Young Guns Bull Challenge. At 6 years old now, we think he has really started to show his true potential and has some of his own sons on the ground to prove it.

King of Hearts

King of Hearts was a Young Guns bull purchased at the DTBA Black Hills Classic in 2013. He originates off the Slim Buttes Buffalo Ranch. At 6 years old, we have now had a chance to see some of his offspring come through the chutes and we are sure happy with the results. King has the potential to become a very big part of our breeding program for years to come. He is a very balanced bull with great scores in both grass gain ability, feed gain ability, and ribeye area and continues to impress us as he matures.


HeartThrob is a ranch raised performance tested bull from right here at Heartland Bison Ranch.  He is currently out learning the ropes wthin the herd at SouthGate in his first year of breeding. He had great scores in both grass and grain gains and we are very excited to watch him mature into a herd sire for years to come.

SouthGate Cow Herd

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